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December 6, 2010
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Lawrence doesn't talk much about Allison. He does when he's drunk, but getting even a drop of alcohol into him is tough enough.

Lawrence doesn't talk and Adam doesn't ask. That's how it's been since they've started dating. Adam really doesn't want to know about Allison. Just the idea of Lawrence with her makes him feel sick to his stomach.

Adam occasionally wonders if he wants Allison back. He knows that the answer is most likely no, but he always wonders. The two were already fighting, probably only staying together for the kid, but Adam's mind is always somewhere far away.

He likes to believe that it's just his young mind exploring upsetting possibilities, but in reality he knows that it's because he's worried it might come true.

According to Lawrence, wine is different from beer. He had heard before ( not from Lawrence ) that wine was the Gentleman's Poison.

Sure… Whatever…

Alcohol was alcohol. Some tasted different than others and some cost more than others. Adam was used to the cheap pleasures and Lawrence was used to not having any at all. That was why the bright red bottle of Merlot was a treat for both of them.

The foreign substance straight from the bottle danced on Adam's tongue. He already knew the answer, but he asked anyway.

"Why are you doing all of this for me?" Adam's voice was soft enough to blend in with the fluffed colors of the candle lit room. He asked even if he knew Lawrence was beginning to look at him as his new Allison. That was how he was treating him, anyway. Treated him with love, with wine, with so much passion he was clueless as to what to do with it.

Hell, he wasn't even wearing his own shirt. Adam was wrapped in one of Lawrence's over sized long sleeved shirts, just to keep himself warm.

Adam's emeralds glared down at the maroon substance trapped behind glass walls. He wasn't used to all of this. He never would be.

"Can't we just make out?"

To his surprise, that didn't shatter the clarity of the room like he had thought it would. It played out much differently than it did in his head.

Lawrence stared for a moment wide - eyed, blinked only twice in confusion. Then, cocking his head in an angle where no expression could be seen, Lawrence leaned his lips into Adam's. Adam's wine glass was still on the coffee table while Lawrence loosely held his in his hands. Adam's hands dug into the couch, smiling to himself only because he knew that he made Lawrence happier than Allison ever would.
" To his surprise, that didnít shatter the clarity of the room like he had thought it would. It played out much differently than it did in his head. "

443 words.

Short and sweet. Hope you guys like it.
I was listening to this while I wrote it, idk why. o uo [link]

Despite the fact that I did such an awful job of painting a visual, someone should make me fanart of this. C: It'll be so much better than the actual fic. <3

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GingaKitten Aug 1, 2011
Can we just make out? :iconidgafplz:
"Can't we just make out?"
Awww~ So cute. > w<
I thought you were asking me that for a minute.

"... uh... no."
AW! Damn-right Adam makes Lawrence happier than Allison ever could! Not only is he hotter, he's much nicer! I love how Adam feels sick when he thinks of Lawrence and Allison. I do, too! AW! XD Anyway, great fic, as usual! ^_^ Short fics can be sweet, too!
I KNOW. He's into brunettes. xD
EXACTLY. <3 Screw Allison, take Adam. And yes, they can adopt Diana because she's cute. c: And they can forever tell her stories of the black haired and blonde haired kitties.
Thank you very much! I appreciate it! <3
AW! Yeah, Adam and Lawrence should addopt Diana so she won't have to be with Bitchy Mc. Bitch (Allison). And it's not like Adam and Lawrence can have a kid of their own together... OR CAN THEY?! (That'd be one messed up plot for any fic. Adam becomes pregnant! XD)

And you're welcome! <3
Lmao, yessss. Pregnant Adam. All bitchy a horny all the time. ... Okay, maybe he should get pregnant? xD
Oh Lord, I'm sure that there is even worse out there.
Vixenfurr Dec 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Awwwwwwwwwwwww, so cute. x3 <333
Thanks~ And thanks for the favorite. > 3<
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